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Avoiding Storm Damage

Benefits of Proper Tree Care
Unheathly trees can lead to broken limbs on your home, automobiles, property, and power lines.  Like most home owners, you want to protect your family and your property.  By having your trees properly trimmed, you can prolong the life of the trees by having damaged or infested tree limbs removed.  Just like plants, trees are then able to direct the nutrients to healthy parts of the tree, allowing the tree to thrive.   
There are many signs that may signal your tree is not healthy and may need to be removed.  We recommend you contact us so we can assist in determining if your tree needs to be trimmed or removed.
Although signs differ for tree varieties, some of these signs may include:
  • Dead or dying limbs
  • Lack of foilage or browned needles
  • Evidence of Fungus 
  • Shoots (new growth) at the bottom of the tree
  • Cracks
  • Cankers (holes in the tree)
  • Soft or crumbly wood
  • Unbalanced branches or top